Easily Solving Your Biggest Problem with List Building Today

So You Can Have More Subscribers to Market

The biggest problem for most people is often how to get traffic or that is what they think the problem is.

But that is not what their biggest problem is. It is their conversion rate that is low. They get enough traffic, but it is not always targeted traffic because their headline is not clearly stating what result the reader will get.

It Pays to Be Clear

When you pay for traffic, you normally pay per click, and it can become expensive if too many people click your ads but does not fit the profile of your ideal customer.

It is the job of the headline or name of your lead magnet to draw the attention of your ideal customer.

And in today’s market it is even better to give your lead magnet to your prospect even before they subscribe.

This way you get to pre-educate your reader in exactly what you can provide, and it will then give you only qualified people that will subscribe to your list.

It is often better to get rid of the people that are not a good fit for your business. Your lead magnet will give you the opportunity to show your reader what they can expect if they become your customer.

In a previous article you will find more list building secrets.

Create Your Lead Magnet

To create a lead magnet that will pre-educate and pre-qualify your prospects is not difficult if you follow this procedure that follows:

  1. Keep it only about the reader – they don’t care about you.
  2. First tell them what they can expect to gain by reading it.
  3. Keep your sentences short and to the point.
  4. Keep your paragraphs short with no more than two sentences.
  5. Break the monotony by using sub-headlines, bold and italics, different colours and fonts as well as different sizes.
  6. To get things to stand out that you want to emphasize, put it in a box.
  7. Now show them how your offer can help them to get what they want.
  8. Do not only list all the main benefits, but also show them why it is important for them.
  9. Go into more detail why they would want access to your offer and what results it can give them.
  10. Don’t be afraid to give away all your best advice and tips but only give it in a way that can help your reader.
  11. Now show them what the next step is and how they can benefit even more if they act now.
  12. Close by recapping everything that you have given them again asking them exactly what to do next; click a link or to subscribe.

Your Introduction

The more value you can give your reader, the better your offers will convert. Giving great value will build trust and grow your authority.

Always do it in such a way that your reader can see what is in it for them. Never make it about you except if you can relate it to something that will help your reader.

Do not even use social proof to try to establish authority but show it rather in the value that you supply to the reader. Help them by really helping them to get results so that they can achieve their goals.

You can show what you stand for like hard work and honesty but also show what you cannot stand like getting something for nothing. This will draw those that resonate with you towards you and will repulse those that do not fit.

Your introduction should be short and to the point so that your reader does not get bored. Keep them interested by starting with an open loop.

For Example:

“You will discover how to solve your biggest problem with list building by reading this report, but first let me show you how you can get your readers to devour your content.”

This will keep your visitor reading while they keep thinking about what was promised. It is called an open loop and can really keep their attention because the brain will want to find completion for the promise.

You can also use controversy to open with. Telling people that they biggest problem is not their problem. But what is it then?

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The Body of Your Report

Your lead magnet need not only be a report. It can also be a video that you create to show what you have to offer and how it can benefit your viewer.

Do not bombard your reader or viewer with all the knowledge that you have but rather show them the insights that you gained from experience and how it can help them to get better results in what they want to achieve.

There is nothing that can replace research when you plan a new lead magnet.

Research is Key

If you already have lots of customers, then it is easy. Go through your records and find your best customers and then ask them what their biggest problem was and how buying your products solved it for them.

This will give you the insight that I am talking about.

For those of you that still do not have lots of customers, there is always Google or Facebook. Do a search to see what the biggest problem for your competitors are.

Find relevant groups on Facebook and look what problem their members have and how you might be able to solve it for them.

Look what solutions your competitors are offering their customers and then do it differently. That way you will stand out in that you help people by giving true value and not just a lot of promises.

“So You Can…”

Frank Kern use these words to show how a benefit can help a customer to get a result. When you have a benefit for something, do not just state it, but also show how the benefit will help the reader.

For Example:

“Solving your biggest problem with list building so you can get more subscribers to market to.”

What is Next?

One should always have a clear call to action in everything that you write. Get your reader to see your latest blog post or give them a link to an offer or get them to subscribe. In a social media post you can ask them to comment or share it with a friend.

A really good idea if you want to build your brand and your authority, you can create a series of reports and the one can have a link to the next.

Instead of creating just one comprehensive report with many chapters, you can break it down into a series of smaller reports that can hold the attention of your readers longer.

They might get tired of reading a long report or get interrupted and then never finish it. The change of it happening with shorter reports is less.

You can still cover several points of interest.

Now if you have found this of value…

Here is Something That Might
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To make a long story short, I tried it on one of my new WordPress blogs and was quite surprised with the results. I got ten new visitors on the first day and five on the second day.

One of the visitors even subscribed to my free membership on the second day.

On the third day there were fifteen visitors and I have seven so far today.

The cool thing is that you can select the keywords that you want visitors for. It is Cloud-based Software that you install on your website and there is no “code” involved and anybody can do it in a few minutes.

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Remember that building your list is essential for your business.

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