M&M Silver Membership

In our M&M Marketing Silver Membership you gain access to our Simple Course Creators Training. The nine lessons take you step-by-step in creating your own online courses.

In our Bronze Membership you learn how to set up your own online business where you can sell other people’s products to earn a commission. It is, however, always better to have your own products.

The easiest way to create your own products is to either write an eBook or create an online training course. The perceived value of such a course will always be higher than that of an eBook. Even if it contains the exact same information.

This is what you will get as a Silver Member:

  • Introduction to course creation
  • Finding your topic and choosing your niche
  • Planning your training course
  • Creating your modules and lessons
  • Creating your videos
  • Choosing your platform
  • Uploading your course
  • Setting up your payment buttons
  • Marketing your course

As you can see it is an extensive course that covers every aspect of creating an online course. Everyone has a course in their mind, and you just have to put it together.

With our Simple Method you will be able to do it in just a few days. The trick is to keep it short and simple with just a few ideas that you cover in each lesson. Set up your course so that your students can get early results that will keep them engaged.

Happy students will do your marketing for you because they will tell their friends about you.

Since this is a new course, you can get first access as a Founder Member. The first hundred members will pay only $9 once. In future it will be a subscription for which new members will have to pay monthly.

The reason I offer it at this low price is because it is still in beta and there might be a few typing errors. I will need your help to find and report any errors so that we can fix them and improve the program.

Your suggestions will be most welcome since we always want to improve the system.

Your Bonuses

As a bonus you can also get full access to our Bronze Membership where you will find everything you need to create your own online business.

The other bonus is that you get access to three mindset guides:

  • Netrepreneur Success Mindset
  • Growth Mindset
  • Mindful Meditation Mantra

That is not all, you also get access to five guides with master resale rights too. This means that you can resell them to other people as well and pocket 100% of the income. They are worth $49 each!

Money Back Guarantee

The Silver Membership comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee and if you are not happy with it, you can ask for all your money back. So, there is no risk to you. Just send us an email to support@mattmare.co.za and we will return your money immediately.

Your Founder Member Price = $9

Now it is time that you grab your seat while there are still a few seats left. You will be able to pay through PayPal or use your Credit Card.

Click the link below and become a Founder Member today and enjoy all the benefits for life!