M&M Platinum Membership

As a member of our Platinum Membership, you will discover how you can build an online business that pays you monthly and your customers will stay with you for years to come.

With most memberships the churn rate is extremely high, and you must keep on trying to replace those members that leave. Normally it is not easy to sell a subscription-based membership but with this one we have a more than 90% retention rate.

How is 90% Retention Possible?

Hosting is the one thing that every online marketer must have to keep their website visible online. It is like your electricity bill that you must pay each month if you use electricity.

As a member of our Platinum Membership, you will discover not only where to get unlimited hosting that you can resell, but you will also be shown how to build your own website with a Membership and an Affiliate Program.

As a bonus you will also be allowed to copy our training modules so that you can offer them to your customers as well. You can then sell them hosting plus training on how they can build their own websites.

Some people do not want to do it themselves and would rather pay somebody else to do it. You can then offer to do it for them at a stiff fee. If you would also not like to do it, then you can refer them to me, and I will gladly help them.

It is what I have been doing now for many years. In 1993 my wife and I started our own computer business. I created my own programs that we were able to pre-load on the computers that we supplied to our customers.

They liked it so much that when the Internet became available, they asked me to create websites for them as well. In the early days you had to be able to code to create an html page.

Today it is much easier because you can use themes and templates to create a website within minutes. As a Platinum Member you will have access to all the training that you need to build your own website and even to help others with their websites.

It really is not difficult anymore. The same goes for adding a membership to your site and creating an affiliate program.

The reason you want a membership is because it is the easiest way to sell a utility like hosting. You can then add bonuses to the hosting with which you can increase the perceived value of your offer.

There are several things that successful online marketers need that you can offer to your customers as well on which you can earn a commission. That is why you also need access to your own affiliate program.

It takes time and effort to do online marketing, but you can encourage your customers to do some of the marketing for you. You ask them to refer their friends to you but if you can also offer them commission on the sales, they will be even more willing to do it.

With the knowledge that you obtain in this membership plus all the resources, you will soon have a lucrative online business that will pay you monthly while you must do the work only once.

Your Bonus Memberships

This is our flagship membership level and you get access to all the other levels as well:

  1. Bronze Membership – Build Your Business
  2. Silver Membership – Simple Course Creator
  3. Gold Membership – Advanced Marketing

To make this deal an easy decision, we offer a full thirty-day money back guarantee. Just send your request to our support team if you are not happy with your purchase and we will refund you in full – no questions asked. You take no risk.

Grab access to the M&M Platinum Membership now

Access to the Platinum Membership is available at a single payment of only $29.

This is only available to the first 20 Founder members at this price. It will soon be offered to the general public at a monthly subscription.

So, grab your seat while the price is still low.