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Add Passive Income Streams for Your Business and Enjoy Financial Freedom Without Wasting Money on Paid Advertising

We would all like to earn more so that we can be with our loved ones and enjoy the better things in life. Without enough money you cannot give to others, and you will not be able to ensure security for your family.

Some say that it is easy to create your own online business, but I have struggled for years now. Yes, I have made a few sales but not a regular income. That is till recently…

Let me introduce myself

My name is Matt Maré, and I am a retired engineer. In 1993 my wife and I started our own computer business. Previously we were farming in South Africa, but we lost the farm due to a severe three-year drought. There was no food left for our animals and we had to sell the farm.

I developed a software program for farmers while we were farming, and we planned to sell it. We were able to sell a packaged deal to farmers and small business owners in our town. We sold computers and printers with our pre-loaded software and modem.

In those days there was no Internet or broadband wi-fi or Windows. Our government has just introduced GST (general sales tax) and you had to keep track of all your invoices to reclaim the tax. My Dos program did just that and made it easy for the users to reclaim their taxes.

Fast forward thirty years and today our children are running the business and it has grown so that the business now has seven full-time employees. Next year they will celebrate thirty years of service to the community.

During all these years we have developed websites for our customers and help them to grow their businesses online. They had varying successes and it is only recently that we discovered how you can develop digital products that sell exceptionally well.

The Self-Education Era

We are talking about online Workshops, virtual group coaching, consulting, online training courses and even Mastermind groups. During the past two years it has become clear that people like to work from home rather than going to an office.

It has also become expensive to study at college or university.

People now prefer to study from home and would rather learn from an expert who has done it successfully themselves than from a professor who has never done anything but teaching theory.

If you have had any experience in solving any problem or if you have specific skills that you can share with others, then you can create a digital product that will sell exceptionally well online.

With the available innovative technology and software, it is extremely easy to create online workshops, group coaching or online training courses. You can create your own product and have it ready for sale within days. It should not take weeks or months, because you should be able to test quickly if your product is viable.

Testing and Tweaking

An online workshop works best because you can quickly pick up what excuses or objections your students have when you try to teach them about your chosen topic.

It is also easy to invite people to your free workshop where you can go into more detail about your offer. It is always better to start by doing personal training because then you can easily identify the problems that you can solve for your audience.

If your digital product can solve a problem for your ideal customer quickly and with minimum effort, then you will have a winner. There will always be people with problems or who have a pain that they are suffering from. They will always want something that you can help them with, and they will be willing to pay you to get hold of it.

Everyone wants quick solutions for everything.

You will be the only person in the world that can solve the problem for them in your unique way and thus you will have no competition. There is only one of you in the entire world.

The Key Lies in Your Offer

Alex Hormozi has authored a book about it and has created a series of videos explaining how to set up your $100milion offer. You can get free access here.

This information will improve your chances of making a success hundredfold and it will change the way in which you do business forever.

Once you have worked through his video training, you can come back to me, and I will show you how to create your own products. You can then use Alex’s method to create your offer.

He is working on his next book now and when it is available, it will help you get traffic to your offer. In the meantime, I have a marketing training course that will show you how to market your offer at no cost to you.

With my Gold Membership you will even be able to market other peoples’ products and earn commission while you work on developing your own products.

In my Silver Membership you get everything you need to create your own online training courses.

Our Free Membership shows you how to set up your own successful online business with multiple income streams.

The reason digital marketing is so lucrative lies in the automation you can use. You create your product only once and then you can sell it over and over for as long as you want.

The Simple Process of Course Creation

You start out by hosting a workshop where you invite interested parties to attend. You can visit groups online about your topic and comment on their posts with good advice. When they reply, you can invite them to your workshop.

You can also create a free page on Facebook with your topic and post about your free workshop. During the workshop you will quickly pick up on all their excuses and objections. Work out how you can help them to overcome their obstacles and solve their problem and then offer them group coaching.

You can record these sessions and it can become part of your online course. We will show you all the portals where you can host your courses and how to upload and sell them.

This really is the easiest way to produce digital products that sell, and it will not take you ages. You can easily set up your first workshop within a day. Get your hosting for your website at HostThenProfit and you get access to the following:

  1. Hosting for four domains
  2. Autoresponder for your list building
  3. Easy Video Producer to record your training videos
  4. GVO Conference to host your Workshop and group coaching
  5. Prospecting System to build opt-in pages for your list building

This all-in-one package is affordable and will make your life as an online marketer so much easier. They even have Traffic Co-Ops where you can get guaranteed traffic to build your prospect list quickly so that you can start to make sales soon.

Most of the work has been done for you, you just have to fill in the blanks with your details.

I hope that you have found this information of value to you and hope that we can work together in the future. I believe that we can do so much better together. You have the knowledge, experience, and specific skills while I have the technical ability to put it all together in a winning solution for us both.

You may contact me at or send a WhatsApp message to (+27) 079 812 2590. I would love to get feedback from you and will answer you personally.

Thanks for your time and attention and may you have a lucrative business. Your Gift – Email Marketing Checklist

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I am a retired engineer with my own online business where I help small business owners to create an online business. I create websites, membership sites and affiliate programs for my customers.

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