List Building Secrets that Nobody will Tell You

The one thing that many online trainers agree upon is that list building can lead to a lucrative online business. To get people to subscribe to your email list is not too difficult. You just offer them something of value that they want and then give it to them in exchange for their email address.

Why Would You Like to Build a List

If you just sell things without building a list, you will have to find new customers continuously which can be difficult and expensive eventually. If you build a list, then you can bring them offers repeatedly and you can build a loyal group of supporters.

Most people say that the money is in the list, but that is not entirely correct. The money is in the relationship that you have with your list members. The secret lies in how much you care for them.

If you just send them emails with promotion after promotion, they will soon unsubscribe. But if you care for them and give them valuable information, you will build a relationship with them.

If you help them to solve their problems, then they will start to like and trust you.

The second secret of list building lies in the research that you do before you even start to create an offer. Your offer is the most important part of a profitable online business.

Doing Research is Essential

Many people just jump in and create something that they think will sell but that is why most fail. It is not what you produce that will serve the market. It is what your ideal customers want, that will sell because they are already looking to find it.

First of all, you must know exactly who your ideal buyers are. You must know what problems they have and what obstacles they face.

You can find these answers in the groups where your ideal customers gather. Search for these groups with Google or on Facebook. Look at what the people complain about and see if you can offer them a solution to their problem.

Knowing what they struggle with will help you to create the best solution for them. It should be a solution that will give them early results, or they will get discouraged. Getting small wins will keep them motivated so that they can persist to reach their goal.

The Value of Your Offer

Your customers will only buy from you if they think that the value of your offer is way more than the price that you ask for it.

It is the same with your lead magnet. What you offer them to opt-in to your list must be something that they want and that they think will help them to solve a problem or to get a certain result.

There are four elements that determine the perceived value of your offer. Alex Hormozi has created a value equation that shows how it works.

Your Value Equation

Dream Outcome X Perceived likelihood of success

Time to Achieve X Difficulty of Implementation


If the dream outcome is exactly what they want, the perceived value will be high. If the likelihood of success is high, then they will be more inclined to buy your offer.

On the other hand, if it takes them a long time to achieve their goal, they will be less likely to pay for it. If it takes a lot of effort, then they will not buy either.

People want easy solutions that they can apply quickly.

If you can promise them early results with truly little effort, then they will see much value in your offer.

The final secret to effective list building is honesty and integrity.

You should always provide your customers with exactly what you promise them. You should deliver far more than what you promise so that you can surprise your buyers.

Delighted customers will help you to build your list because they will tell their friends about you.

Having Your Own Membership

To offer free access to a membership where you offer access to valuable information and resources is one of the most effective ways to build a list of active members.

If you can get them to login to the membership site daily, you can expose them to all your offers, and it will not feel as if you are just trying to sell them stuff. You also provide them with valuable advice and free resources.

The advice can be like what I am giving you here and this is what the resources can look like.

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