How to Overcome Fear of Success

Know What to Expect

When I started my online career, I would not invest any money at all. Everything was free and why should I pay for stuff that I could get for free?

I thought that it would be easy to make money online because I had the skills to design my own website and even to create a membership site.

At last, I was able to subscribe one person for $6.50 and that was it. And after just two months, he left. I did not feel much of a success and saw it all as a failure and a waste of my time.

I then concentrated on my career as a consulting engineer and did not do much online. Later I started a blog where I posted some articles about creating websites and online marketing.

About ten years ago I met Brian Tracy online and he convinced me to invest in his training. I got life membership of the Brian Tracy University with several online courses. This is how I learned to create my own successful online business.

This is when I discovered that one should find a problem that you can solve for your ideal customer. Although the internet enables you to potentially reach millions of people, it either takes time or you need to spend large sums of money on paid advertising.

There are no real shortcuts or magic tricks that you can use.

There is a strategy that you can follow that will bring you success much sooner than you expect.

Your Blueprint to Online Success

It is a simple strategy, but the catch is that you might see it as too simple and then you don’t even try it.

The first step is to find people who have a certain problem that you can help them solve.

The second step is to create an easy way in which you can solve this problem for your customers.

The third step is to then find your prospective customers and offer them your solution.

The fourth step is to build an email list of all your prospective customers. Most people do not buy at the first approach. You must first build a relationship of trust with them. You must show them how your solution can better their lives.

To be able to do this you must have a way to communicate with them and this is where your email list comes in.

The fifth step is to make them an offer that they cannot resist so that they will invest in your solution. It would cost them just too much not to be able to make use of your solution.

Now let’s look at these five simple steps in more detail.

Your Simple 5-Step Solution

The biggest obstacle that people face when they are presented with an opportunity is that of fear. It is never about the money because in most cases there is a solid money back guarantee and thus, they cannot lose any money if it does not work out for them. They can just ask for their money back.

Their main fear is that of failure – that it will not work for them. That people will think less of them when they cannot make a success of it. They might have failed before and are now very skeptical.

There is, however, another fear. The fear of success. Most people have never had real success before, and they do not know what it feels like. They are afraid that they might have more responsibilities and would not know how to cope with it.

It is the fear of the unknown.

Let me make the unknown known to you now.

Step 1 – Finding a Problem to Solve

Today, almost 6 billion people around the world have smartphones. We use our phones to capture many pictures and videos. These can be very important to us, especially if they are of our kids, grandkids, friends, or other family members.

We often have valuable documents and other information on our phones, computers, and other electronic devices like tablets.

We all know that we should make backups of our digital data, but it is a hassle, and we often forget to make backups. We protect our electronic devices as best as we can, but accidents do happen, and things get stolen.

Can you afford to lose your digital data?

Have you ever thought what would happen if your computer got hacked or your smartphone get stolen? Will you be able to recover all your data?

Can you see that this is a problem that most people have?

Where can you find these people with this problem?

Now let’s move to the next step.

Step 2 – Finding an Easy Solution

The bad news is that this universal problem is difficult to solve, and it would cost you millions of dollars to create a solution.

The good news is that such a solution already exists and that it is so affordable that anybody can use it.

It was developed by a company that was established in Canada in 1997 when the Internet was just getting traction.

In June 2007 they moved to San Antonio, Texas, USA to get access to more bandwidth. They invested in a 10,000 sq feet data center of their own and is completely debt-free. They developed several software solutions that is in high demand and used by thousands of people all over the world.

They give you access to 6TB of secure cloud storage to backup all your digital data at the low cost of only $9.97 per month. The same storage will cost you hundreds of dollars elsewhere. Google Drive charges $12 per month for just 2TB.

This solution is called GotBackup and allows you to secure all your family’s digital data from unlimited devices with six separate accounts.

The best part of this deal is that your backups are done automatically for you once the device is linked and you can never again forget to make a backup. Everything is backed up automatically.

Step 3 – Finding Customers

Now why would you like to find customers for this solution if it is not your own product?

This is a very good question, and the answer is because you want to make money quickly.

This company allows you to partner with them and to promote this service. In stead of having to spend millions to advertise their service, they would rather pay you to promote it.

They offer a 200% commission on direct referrals in the first month and then 25% each month for as long as the customer uses the service. But here comes the best part. You’ll also receive a 25% matching cheque on what your referrals earn.

In general, you’ll earn a 75% commission from every person that joins through you.

How difficult can it be to tell your friends about this service?

I’ll make it even easier for you in that I have created a Special Report that you can give to everyone that you know. It explains exactly how everything works. I’ll rebrand the report with your affiliate link as soon as you subscribe to the service through this link.

Step 4 – Build Your List

With this opportunity your list is also built automatically.

Part of your subscription is access to a professional autoresponder inside your GotBackup account. When people subscribe to learn more about the service, they are also subscribed to your list.

You can enter follow-up emails to this autoresponder that will let your subscribers get to know you better. I can supply you with professionally written emails that you can use. If you need help with the setting up of your system, I’m always willing.

Just Skype me.

Step 5 – Your Offer

My offer to you is that you can get free access to my M&M Membership where you can discover how easy it is to build your list, get customers that stay with you and build your online business effectively.

Make the same offer to your list.

Everything that I promise to do for you so that you can see success soon, I’ll do for your subscribers as well. I am not very good with promotion, but as an engineer I have the technical skills to help you.

Can you afford to lose your digital data?

Can you afford not to try investing in this unique opportunity?

It is like investing in Google, Amazon, Netflix or Tesla just 3 months after they have been launced. It is similar but much cheaper than Dropbox. Today they have millions of subscribers and paid members but will never pay you any commission when you refer people to them.

See how it can benefit you.

(Disclaimer: No guarantee is given that you will make any money if you do not promote this opportunity. People that are actively promoting it has proven that big money can be made. Some of the links in this article are my affiliate links and if you buy through them, I will earn a commission and so can you.)

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