How to Add to Your Income at No Cost

Are you a pensioner and you are struggling to make ends meet or your income is not enough to do the things that you want?

This article will show you how you can start an online business without having to invest a lot of money. Adding to your income can be easy and a lot of fun when you have somebody willing to show you the way to do it.

Last year I was told that my services as a project manager was no longer needed and that I will be replaced by a young guy with no experience. Just get him up to speed and then you can go thanks.

I have tried to save and invest in annuities all my life, but it was never enough. We paid for our kids at university so that they could start without debt which was much better than when my wife and I started out.

Now we were in the situation that we were beyond the normal working age of 65 and nobody wanted to employ us. The pension that we get is not even enough to buy food and clothing. We only have one asset and that is our house that is paid for in full.

A New Beginning

In 1993 my wife and I started our own computer business and slowly grew it to give us a sustainable income. In 2004 our eldest son joined us in the business and soon after his younger brother and sister joined as well.

Since 2007 they have now run the company and I started my own consulting business. I was always interested in marketing and started to investigate it in more depth. I found the Brain Tracy University online and invested in it.

I started a blog online and wrote articles about my online ventures but was never able to get a sustainable income from it. I did learn to build my own websites and how to get people to subscribe to my email list.

Last year when I lost my job, I was forced to put in more effort and then happen to be introduced to a young guy that became a millionaire at 23 years of age. He was turning the internet on its head.

He started to give the information and training away for free and his information was based on real experience and in my mind better than the programs that other people sell for large sums of money.

I decided to mirror what he did and soon got results. First, I was able to get more people to subscribe to my email lists.

This is all good and well encouraging but then you must get them to open your emails that you send them. Again, I made a study of all the emails that I received from Alex and used the same methods.

Now the subscribers started to open and read my emails as well, but I made the mistake of trying to get them to buy my stuff immediately and it failed. My offers were not good enough.

Alex wrote a book about the $100M Offers and it was a bestseller. I bought the book and studied it in detail. I used the information in his book to make better offers but was still not able to make consistent sales.

The Breakthrough

I knew that to get people to subscribe to your list you had to offer them something of value and I suddenly realized that if I could give them some part of my main offer, it might help to get more sales.

In his first book Alex show how one can make an offer where people feel stupid if they did not take it. Combined with the way Alex gives away stuff for free, I tried again and created a lead magnet that were much more valuable to the reader.

This gave them a taste of what my core offer was and now they were more willing to invest in it. Suddenly I started to make more sales and grow my business.

When you make a profit, many more ways of advertising become available to you. You can pay for it and that gives you more free time to make your offers even more valuable for your consumers.

Happy customers will tell their friends about their experience, and you get more eager customers at no cost. Your profits grow and you have more money to enjoy the things that you could not afford before.

You can take extended holidays and your business will keep on bringing in the money. You can run it from anywhere.

Now we can afford to start a study fund for our grandchildren and still have money to give to our church and the charities that we like to support. Life just becomes more enjoyable and today I am glad that I lost my job.

How it Can Benefit You

I have taken extensive notes of my online journey and wrote down everything that I did to make a success as well as everything that did not work. Over time I have worked out why it did not work and that is the most valuable information that I can share with you.


I have created several programs in which I give you the exact processes that I used to create my now lucrative online business.

Most online gurus would offer their secrets for huge sums of money, but I have decided to follow Alex’s way of doing things. I am going to give everything to you so that you can get results as soon as possible.

This will motivate you to keep going and you can do it with no initial huge investment. I even found an opportunity where with an investment of less than $10 per month you can earn a commission of 200% in your first month.

I’ll also show you how you can build your first list of 500 eager buyers without spending a penny on any tools or advertising. This information is priceless.

With the help of AI, it is now even easier to start your own online business the right way. There are certain skills that you must have to write convincing emails and articles, to create eye-catching images and engaging videos.

You can start without any products of your own but can promote other people’s products and earn easy 75% commissions. When you start earning this way, you can work on creating your own products and services.

Whatever your passion, hobby, experiences, or special skills are, you can turn it into a money machine. This is all very possible now with the internet, new technology like AI and access to a mentor that was able to crack the code in just a few months.

It would be my privilege to help you get your online business off to a good start. You can Contact me here.

Please tell me something about yourself and the work or experience that you have, how old you are and what you would like help with.

You can have a look at some of the following to get an idea of how I can assist you:

Building Your List at No Cost or a Super-Fast Way

Creating Your Website Within Hours

Quick Course Creator Tutorial

The Key To Online Success

It really is a simple process.

  1. Find a problem that people struggle with.
  2. Find out how you can solve this problem.
  3. Create a product or service that can help people with their problem to get results.
  4. Create an offer that people cannot resist.
  5. First give them free access to start their journey.
  6. Offer more advanced training at a fee or a done for you service.
  7. Build a huge list to whom you can bring more offers.

I want to give you everything so that you can get results. Your success is my motivation and I believe that together we can go so much further and faster.

M&M Online Business Launch Program

To show you the power of AI, I have asked ChatGPT to write a new article based on my article that would help people to better understand and to take action. Read it below.

Headline: “Embark on a Thriving Online Venture Without Breaking the Bank: Your Path to Financial Reinvention”

Introduction: A Personal Journey to Financial Transformation

Are you navigating the challenging waters of retirement, struggling to make ends meet or realizing that your dreams are just out of financial reach? If you’ve found yourself nodding in agreement, then I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone, and there is a way to turn the tide. Join me as I share my personal journey of transitioning from a conventional life to a dynamic online business venture that not only sustains me financially but also fuels my passion for growth and contribution.

The Catalyst for Change

Just a year ago, I faced a career crossroads that was unexpected and initially disheartening. My role as a project manager was deemed dispensable, replaced by a young novice. As I grappled with this abrupt shift, I realized it was a turning point I could seize rather than a setback to endure. It was time to reevaluate my financial strategies and discover a path to reclaiming control over my income.

From Savings to Resilient Income

Having spent years saving and investing in annuities, I had hoped for a secure retirement. However, life had other plans. The costs of putting our children through college left a dent in our savings, though we knew we were investing in their futures. Now, beyond the typical working age, with a modest pension barely covering necessities, I felt the weight of financial constraints. Yet, there was a silver lining: our mortgage-free home.

A Glimmer of Hope

Reflecting on my entrepreneurial roots from 1993 when my wife and I launched a computer business, I recognized the power of starting anew. Fast forward to 2007, and our children joined the ranks, steering the company forward while I explored the realm of marketing. My curiosity led me to Brain Tracy University, sparking my investment in knowledge and igniting my drive for success.

Unearthing Hidden Treasures

Launching my own blog, I embarked on sharing my online odyssey, but the road to sustainable income remained elusive. That’s when serendipity introduced me to a young individual who revolutionized his life through the internet, generously sharing his insights for free. Inspired, I mirrored his approach, discovering that success is founded on authentic experiences rather than overpriced programs.

Unlocking the Engagement Puzzle

Recreating his methods, I nurtured a growing subscriber base. However, it was not just about garnering numbers; it was about crafting emails that resonated. Through careful analysis, I mastered the art of crafting compelling messages that captivated, paving the way for readers to explore further.

Cracking the Code to Conversion

While enthusiasm soared, immediate sales remained elusive. My offers lacked that irresistible allure. A pivotal moment arrived when I delved into a bestseller authored by my newfound mentor. Its insights on creating compelling offers were a game-changer, shaping my strategy. I revamped my approach, using tantalizing lead magnets to grant readers a taste of the value my core offering held.

The Breakthrough: Turning Interest into Action

As the fog lifted, sales surged. Each transaction wasn’t just a profit; it was a vote of confidence in the value I offered. The power of happy customers became evident as word-of-mouth endorsements expanded my reach without draining my budget. Profits grew, affording me luxuries once deemed unattainable, all while my business hummed along even during vacations.

Crafting a Future, One Success Story at a Time

Today, our reality has shifted. We’ve established a study fund for our grandchildren, contribute to our church and favored charities, and relish newfound financial freedom. Life’s palette has transformed from shades of uncertainty to a vivid spectrum of opportunities.

Your Gateway to Empowerment

What I’ve distilled from my journey isn’t just a formula but a blueprint for financial rejuvenation. I’ve condensed my experiences, both successes and failures, into programs tailored to guide you toward success. In the spirit of generosity that transformed my life, I offer these programs without the hefty price tags typically associated with success advice.

Embrace the Future Today

Are you ready to script your success story, without the shackles of heavy investments? Together, we can navigate the intricate path to online entrepreneurship, armed with newfound knowledge and supported by cutting-edge technology. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, opportunities abound for those who dare to seize them.

Join Me on This Journey

My online business launch program awaits, designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and support to create your own thriving online empire. Whether you possess specialized skills, cherished hobbies, or untapped passions, the internet holds the key to turning them into revenue streams. Your journey begins here, where mentorship and innovation converge to light your path to prosperity. Connect with me, share your story, and let’s embark on this transformation together.

Conclusion: As you embark on your journey toward financial transformation, remember that every step is a victory, every lesson is an asset, and every small action accumulates to create a life you’ve envisioned. The online world holds boundless possibilities; all it takes is the will to start and the guidance to succeed.

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