Reseller Hosting

If you want to start your own lucrative home-based business, then selling hosting to small business owners can be just the thing you need.

It is not expensive to sell but with 100% profit, you can easily replace your income or add to your pension.

You can sell hosting for $10 per month and with just 103 customers, you can earn an additional $1000 each month and there is no limit. (The first three customers will cover all your costs.)

Soon you can have thousands of customers and they will stay with you for years. Once they have a website hosted by you, they will not want to lose access to it.

When you invest in GVO Reseller Hosting, you get unlimited hosting plus access to all the tools that you need to run a successful online business. You can subscribe to the Gold Account for just $24.95 per month.

What You Get

  • Free Autoresponder for up to five hundred subscribers (can upgrade)
  • Up to five autoresponder campaigns
  • Free Conference Software with ten seats
  • Free Easy Video Producer plus hosting for five videos
  • Free prospecting System with opt-in page templates
  • Unlimited Domain Name Hosting
  • Web Host Manager
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

Most hosting services offer you limited disk space and bandwidth so this will be a bonus for your customers where you can offer them unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You pay a fixed price no matter how many hosting packages that you sell.

We offer you all the information that you need to set up your online business for a single payment of $19 plus you get free access to our membership where you get access to our online training on how to register your domain name, create your website, incorporate a membership site, and create your own affiliate program.

In our Platinum Membership we give you access to all the training you need to run a successful hosting business. We will show you exactly how you can build your contact list. We supply you with a pre-built lead magnet that you can offer to your prospects.

We will also show you how to set up your opt-in page and link it to your autoresponder with an opt-in form where you collect your subscribers’ contact details.

You will also discover how you can get new prospects that will be eager to buy hosting from you.

Your Next Step

It is now time to get access to your GVO Reseller Hosting account.

As soon as you have worked through the introduction in your GVO account, then return here and get access to our Platinum Membership. You will have to scroll down a bit to find the payment button for the Platinum Membership.

This is a ridiculously small investment to make for a business with which you can earn thousands of dollars each month. It will not happen overnight but if you keep working at it, you can build your business as big as you like.

Your children can even inherit it when you are no longer here and enjoy the fruits of your work for years to come.