Create Lead Capture Pages That Convert Better

Being able to create lead magnets that draw your ideal customers to click on your ads, is vital for the success of your business.

The headline of your ad and the name of your lead magnet must show your ideal customer the result that they want or the solution to their biggest problem.

It is essential that you know what your ideal customer’s biggest problem is and to find out what it is, you should do in-depth research. When you know what their main problem is, you must ensure that your product will help them to solve it.

Now you can create a suitable lead magnet to get the desired results of drawing the correct people to click and subscribe to your list.

The purpose of your lead magnet is not to sell but to get your ideal prospect to subscribe to your list.

Planning Your Lead Magnet

With your research you will find that each problem that your prospect has, is not just a single problem but it consists of more than one obstacle.

For example:

Your prospects can be small business owners that are having a problem to make more sales. The problem can be that they are not able to get enough customers, or they are not able to convert their prospects into buyers.

Often the main problem is that their conversion rate is too low and even if they can find new prospects, they cannot get them to buy their product.

(Read more about solving your biggest problem in list building here.)

Their problem of not making enough sales is their offer and not traffic.

Before you try to get more customers, one must first ensure that your offer converts well.

This is where an informative lead magnet can do the trick for you. Inside the lead magnet you give valuable insights for your reader about how they can solve their problems. Don’t be afraid to give them your best tips or advice about what they should do.

It will reveal to them that are the expert and it will build goodwill with them.

Layout of Your Lead Magnet

As stated before, the name of your lead magnet is the most important part, and it should relate to a solution to the main problem of your ideal customer.

It should also be the same as the headline of your ad so that when the prospect comes to the landing page, they should immediately see that what they get is what was promised.

They will then not hesitate to enter their email address in exchange for access to your report or video. Some people say that they have better results with videos, but it matters what is easiest for you to create, a report, checklist, blueprint, or video.

It is of more importance that you give real value in the lead magnet that can build trust with your audience and get them to see you as an authority.

What you give them must help them to at least solve part of their problem. If you can let them have a small win, they will be more responsive when you start telling them about your products and services.

Suggested Structure:

  • Introduction where you tell them what the report is all about.
  • Next you tell them what it can do for them. It should not be about you but what is in it for them. How can it help them to get the results that they desire.
  • Now you give a list of all the benefits but also show how it can help them solve their problems.
  • Go into detail for each idea but keep it short so that you do not bore your readers.
  • To end you give a summary of what you have given them.
  • It is especially important not to leave out the next step.
  • Here you can introduce them to your offer.
  • Give a link and invite them to click to learn more about your offer.

If you have done an excellent job with your lead magnet, it should not be difficult to convince them that it is worth having a good look at what you have to offer.

If your free information is so valuable, then how much more value will they find in your products and services?

Your Next Step

This is where many people stop and think that their job is done, but this is not the case.

To your surprise you might find that many people who subscribe to your list never download your gift to them and that is because life happens.

Their attention might be grabbed by something else that they must do and later they don’t even remember that they have subscribed and never even see your welcome email or realize what it is about.

With most autoresponder services you can set rules to remove your subscribers from your prospect list if they have downloaded the gift.

So, for the people who have not done it yet the next day, you should send a follow-up email to remind them about their subscription and give them the link to download your gift again.

Keep sending these emails for at least three to four days or until they download it.

Once they have downloaded the lead magnet, they are no longer just a prospect, but you should now see them as leads. And still your job is not done.

Follow-up Sequence

Many people will download your gift and save it to their hard drive thinking that they will come back to it later and that does not often happen.

Keep sending emails to these new leads to ensure that they were able to download the gift. You can send these emails daily because you still make no mention of any offer, and you are just trying to help them.

Ask them if they found value in the report or video and if they have any questions. If you can get them to respond, it would be a good indication that you will be able to help them more and that they can become a buyer.

Again, you can send them daily emails for at least a week or until they buy.

In each of these follow-up emails you look at another aspect of their problem and suggest a solution by referring to the report or video.

As soon as they buy, you remove them from the lead list and put them in your customer list for that product or offer they bought. You can build several buyers lists if you have multiple products.

Buyers Follow-up Series

With these emails you should try to keep your customers engaged by asking them questions to see if they need help or if they are seeing results.

An excellent product should enable your customer to see early results. If it takes too long, then they might lose interest or even ask for a refund.

People that have early wins will be motivated to carry on and act on what you show them to do. You want to delight your customers so that they will tell their friends about you.

Referrals are the easiest people to serve because they already trust you because their friend told them about the service, they got from you.

It sounds like a lot of work to write all these emails, but it is work that you must do only once. Ensure that you make full use of the automation that your autoresponder service offers.


When you have one funnel working well, it is time to start with your next lead magnet because not all customers have the exact same problem. Look how you can help the others that have a problem that your products can solve for them, but they might need a slightly different angle of approach.

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