Building Your List is Essential

If you want to have success online, then there is one thing that you should do from day one. That is to start building an email list of all your contacts. It will be the most valuable asset that you can have for your online business.

You can send content and promotions to your list and if you can build a relationship with your list members, then they will start to trust you and see you as the expert in your field. You probably heard this a hundred times before, but did you act on it?

Most probably not and there might be many reasons for it. The most obvious reason might be that nobody has shown you exactly how to build such a list of prospects for your business.

Today that will change for you because I am going to give you everything that you need to build your first list.

What is Your Topic?

The first thing that you need is to know exactly what your offer is. What is it that you want to sell? If you have something in mind, then it is good. Just check to see if there is a demand for it before you spend time and effort on it.

Just Google your topic and see what you find. If you find lots of offers for something similar, then it is a good sign that there will be a demand for it. Do not be afraid of competition because I will show you how you can stand out and still get sales.

If you are a beginner online marketer, then you might not have an idea what to offer and that is also fine. You can start with an affiliate offer like most of us. That is to sell other people’s products and then you earn a commission on the sales.

It has several benefits because it gives you time to see how digital marketing is done and then you can later develop your own products. You can tap into what has already been proven to work.

One thing that every online marketer needs, is to have access to a domain name for their website plus hosting. The second thing they need is access to an autoresponder to build their list and to communicate with their list members.

The third thing that is a must have, is the ability to build opt-in pages or landing pages. This is the page that your prospects will be able to subscribe to your list.

How Does List Building Work?

To start building your list, you need to know what your prospects are looking for. You should know what your ideal customers’ problems are, and your offer should be able to solve some of their problems for them.

Let us assume you want to start as an affiliate marketer and that your target market is people like you who are new to internet marketing. As shown above, there are several things that they will need to get to be able to start their online business.

First you must find something that they want that can help them with their problem of not knowing how to start to make money online. We call this a lead magnet. We call prospects for your business leads, and it is something that will draw leads to you like a magnet will draw iron particles nearer.

What you are reading can be used as a lead magnet. You can make a video where you explain everything as I describe it here. You can also offer a virtual workshop where you explain everything live to your audience. You can also copy it and create an e-book or guide for your prospects.

Whatever it is that you create, you can then offer it to people that are looking to learn how to earn an income online. You can do this in many ways.

How to Promote Your Offer

May I tell you a secret? I struggled with this for years until my mentor showed me the correct way. You should never try to sell anything to people. What you should do is to ask what problems they have and then tell them how you had the same problems. Then you ask them if they want to know how you solved those problems.

If they are interested to know the solution, then you tell them what you have done to solve the problem. If they are eager to learn more, then you tell them about your video, workshop, or e-book and that they can get access to it by subscribing to your list.

You do not actually tell them that, but you tell them that if they give you their email address, then you can send them the gift. You can then give them the link to your opt-in page.

You use your lead magnet to draw prospects to your landing page where they can subscribe to your email list. Before that, you upload a few follow-up emails in your autoresponder that will be sent to your subscribers automatically.

You also draft a few articles that you post to your blog and create a few videos that you can also upload to your blog. Now you upload your emails with links to your blog articles. It will teach your subscribers that it is OK to click on the links in your emails.

You send about three to four emails per week, and you vary them as follows. First you send a welcome email and add a link to the gift that you have promised on your landing page. The second email can be a promotion for your first offer which can be the tools that I have described above. The third email you write something about yourself so that your subscribers can learn more about you.

The better they get to know you, the more they will trust you. In the next email you give a link to an article on your blog where you describe how they can use the tools from the promotion you sent them previously. The fifth email can be a reminder to hear if they have received your promotion that you sent them before.

If you do it this way, it will not be boring, and they will keep on the lookout for your emails because they will never know what to expect next from you. Give them useful content like what I am doing in this article. Tell them what you do to promote your offers and how they can do the same. Tell them about your failures as well as your successes. Your likes and dislikes.

Yesterday I posted an article to my blog and just a few minutes later I received notice in my inbox that three people have subscribed to my list. My list is growing every day because I try to post relevant content every day.

Another way to get interested parties to sign up to your list is by doing social posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tik-Tok.

Again, you can vary your posts between your story, content and offers. Every post should channel your readers eventually to your opt-in page so that they can subscribe to your list.

Now For Your Offers

I recently discover three offers that when you get an account, you

 automatically become their affiliate and can also promote the offers.

The first one is access to a set of tools that all new online marketers need at a very affordable price. They have a 50% discount offer now.

The name of the package is HostThenProfit because when you use them to host your website, you can then profit by selling the same package to your audience and earn a growing commission. It will cost you less than $10 per month.

What You Get:

  1. Hosting for Four Domain Names
  2. Access to Autoresponder Pro
  3. Easy Video Producer
  4. GVO Conference to Host Your Workshops
  5. Prospecting System to Build Your Landing Pages
  6. Access to GVO Academy for Your Internet Marketing Training

Click this link to get your account at HostThenProfit now.

The second offer gives you even more tools to create a successful online business, but it is a bit more costly to upgrade. However, you can start at no cost and immediately start promoting it and earn large commissions. Most people that get to see this offer will upgrade within a week.

It really gives you everything on one platform and you will not have to buy anything else to grow your business.

This package was developed by Mike Filsaime from Butterfly Marketing fame and is called Groove Digital.

It Consists of the Following:

  • GroovePages for your website and landing pages
  • GrooveSell to sell any online digital product
  • GrooveMail to create your email lists
  • GrooveMember to create your own membership
  • GrooveVideo to create professional videos
  • GrooveBlog to host your blog
  • GrooveKart to sell any physical products
  • GrooveWebinar to host your webinars and workshops

Get free access to Groove Digital here.

The last offer is something special. The creator is Michael Cheney, and he is a millionaire legend online. He struggled for years before he was able to create this proven package called the 7 Figure Launch System.

With this system it is easy to get people to take you up on your offers.

It Includes the Following:

  1. Live Onboarding Session
  2. Launch Profit Calculator
  3. Fast Profits Rolodex
  4. Fast-Selling Framework
  5. Five-Day Fast Start Guide
  6. ​7 Figure Launch System
  7. 7 Figure Launch Codes

Get your copy of 7 Figure Launch System today for only $9.95

With these offers you can start to make sales within days with my gift to you.

Yes, there is more because I want you to make so many sales that you can afford to invest in yourself. I have some advanced digital packages with which you can scale your business. The sky is the limit.

But these packages are not cheap because it took me years to create them and to get them to this high quality. That is why I want you to have online success as soon as possible so that you can afford to buy these packages from me.

I am going to give you all the tools that you need to start with for free. Yes, it will not cost you a dime if you follow my instructions to the tee. I also struggled to make my first sales and I know how hard it is without cash. But the internet is a wonderful place where you can find almost anything.

Just follow this link and you will be able to view the instructions and you can also download it for future reference. It is like a mini course and will give you everything that you need to start offering these affiliate offers that I have given you above.

Follow this link, enter your details and you will get direct access to my gift.

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