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When you post an article to your blog it is good practice to let your list members know about it. The more interaction you have on your blog, the more visitors you will get.

Recently I read about another cool thing that you can do with blog posts. HubSpot is well known for their CRM or customer relations manager, but they also have excellent blog articles.

Pillar Posts

A pillar post is a post about a central idea or category like List Building.

You write this main post and then you link all your other posts about the same subject to this pillar post.

This works well because the search engines see it as relevant content with all the links to it.

It really works well since I have been using this strategy with my blog posts.

I started to use this strategy on the 4th of December, and you can see a clear increase of visitors to my blog after that date.

It is a simple strategy to apply and will bring you more visitors.

This is a short post just to let you know that it is something that you might apply as well.

Here is another blog post that shows you how you can get more visitors.

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