Becoming the Expert Sooner

Most of us know now that you must build a list if you want to survive as an online entrepreneur. To build a successful list, you must provide valuable information called content.

For your information to be seen as valuable, you must be seen as the expert in your field. Now this is where most people get stuck because they do not see themselves as being the expert.

The question that most people keep asking me is how do you become an expert without spending years to study? The answer is easy.

You become an expert by learning and doing.

Let us take list building as an example. You just now learned that list building is the one thing that you should do.

Then how do you start to build your list?

You need three things:

  1. A Lead Magnet
  2. Access to an Autoresponder
  3. An Opt-in Page

Your Lead Magnet is something valuable that can help your new prospect to get the result that they want. You offer it to them and when they want it, you send them to your opt-in page where you ask for their email address.

Now several things will happen automatically:

  1. Your new prospect will be added to your list
  2. Your new prospect will see your thank you page
  3. On the thank you page they are thanked for subscribing and told that they will receive an email with the link to download their gift (the lead magnet)
  4. The welcome email is sent to the new list member plus more follow-up emails are triggered at regular intervals
  5. Your list members receive more valuable content from you as well as promotions for other people’s products
  6. When they buy your offers, you get paid a commission

Learn, Implement and Then Teach It

That is how you become the expert in what you are doing.

Now you have learned how to make sales and the next step is to implement what you have learned.

Lastly you teach it to your list members, and they will see you as the expert because they will see that you practice what you preach.

This might sound like amazingly simple advice, but if you apply it daily, you will be the expert in your field sooner than you ever think possible.

Never stop learning – Implement what you learn – Teach it

Here is the easiest way to do it with:

  1. Hosting for your Websites
  2. Get access to your Autoresponder Pro
  3. Easy Video Producer
  4. Prospecting System – Opt-in Page Builder
  5. Conference Platform for Easy Teaching
  6. GVO Academy – Digital Marketing Training

This system is called HostThenProfit because it is exactly what will happen if you apply what I have shown you in this post. You will have the means to build your list and the first product that you can promote to start earning a steady monthly commission.

You automatically become an affiliate for the system when you join and can then promote it and start earning.

By joining our free membership today, you will discover how easy it is to put everything together and to launch your own money-getting machine. You even discover how you can get daily visitors to your opt-in page without having to lift a finger again.

You just link some Cloud-Based software to your website and the visitors just keep on coming. This is when the magic starts to happen.

Why can I guarantee your success in building your own website with membership and affiliate program?

Because I learned how to do it years ago and now have done it for my customers daily so that I have become an expert web designer and I have now decided to teach others to also do it. Just take me up on my offer and you can join our Free Membership today.

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