5 Reasons why Having Faith is So Important

Many people desire to do something big in life. Sometimes, when things don’t go according to plan, people tend to lose faith, not only in themselves but also in any potential outcome that they can generate in their lives.

Failure will do that to you. When we experience life’s monumental failures, it’s easy to lose hope and even faith.

So, know that having faith in yourself is the most important of all the things in life.

Now Let’s See What Is Faith?

Having faith in oneself is the deep-rooted expectation of something extremely good and meaningful happening in life. It’s something that is beyond hope.

When life can be hard at the best of times, faith is the knowledge and assurance, deep down inside, that things will get better. It’s like taking the next step when you can’t see the entire staircase.

Simply put, life would fail to have a reason if we didn’t have faith.

For example, we couldn’t drive our cars without the faith that someone wouldn’t cross the divider and crash into us.

Without faith, we couldn’t expect things to turn out all right for us, no matter what the situation. It is the fundamental foundation of our existence. People have moved mountains and have created blessings for our daily lives with their faith. 

Even when situations seemed dire and bleak and dark without any hope, their faith carried them through.

Five Reasons why Having Faith is So Important?

  • The focused power of faith produces abundance – A brain is a potent tool. It can be beneficial to humans as well as wasteful if abused. In challenging times, people tend to stay away from positivity, but faith is something that helps in the generation of abundance in the heart and the spirit, not just in your mind.
  • Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – Anything that is hard, difficult, and seems impossible to tolerate but can’t kill you physically is eventually going to make you stronger.
  • Faith helps you to discover your purpose in life – Faith works to guide us in the right direction, moving us towards and allowing us to find our purpose and goal in life.
  • Faith wins over stress, anxiety, and fear – Sometimes, we worry a lot in our daily lives, which could be due to anything. And worries manifest themselves in highly stressful situations, causing not only mental frustration but physical problems as well.
  • It acts as the pathway to finding solutionsFaith is the pathway to finding solutions. No matter the situation, no matter how bad or dark you think it might seem, your faith can and will get you through it.

Faith causes us to act on what we haven’t experienced yet, believe in the dreams that haven’t been fulfilled, and trust God when our situations haven’t changed.

You can ask your Father in Heaven anything according to Matthew 7:7 but He does not always give us what we want. Sometimes we want things that will not benefit us eventually. Our Heavenly Father on the other hand has all the knowledge and knows what we need.

We want to make more money now, but it is often necessary that we first get the skills to handle that money correctly. Many people think that they do not have enough.

A Short Story

I had a friend that made much more money than I could dream of making. He built a huge mansion for his family with a swimming pool and all the luxuries that you can think of. He always drove the latest model cars.

Since I grew up on a farm where we never had to go hungry, but there was never enough even for shoes. I walked barefoot to the farm school each day even in winter. I learned from a youthful age that if you want anything, you must save for it.

I bought my own Meccano Set after I saved money for three years. An old farmer once gave me two ewes when he sold his farm and I cut the wool for four years and saved the money to buy myself a bicycle.

I always wanted to become an engineer and in 1980 I received my BSc Eng. degree and was lucky to get employment at a consulting engineering firm in Pretoria. Ever since I received my first paycheck, I saved about 10% of my income.

Today my friend has lost everything, but I am able to help him. I am no longer working as an engineer but am helping my children with the marketing of our computer business.

I create websites for our customers and teach them how to build their list and profit from it.

I believe that if you are willing to put in the work, you can double your income every twelve months. Just have faith in your own abilities and study daily to pick up more skills. Have faith in the Almighty and He will give you what you need to succeed in life.

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